Main Street Awards



At the recent Mainstreet Australia Awards Night our incredible Committee WON in the Category of BEST MAINSTREET ASSOCIATION
Unfortunately our President, George Giuiliani, was unable to attend the awards ceremony and so our Past President, Lyle Hanvey accepted on our behalf.

Mainstreet Awards are a celebration and recognition of the people, projects and organisations that contribute to the success and vibrancy of our main streets.
Behind every one of our successful main streets there are committed leaders, business operators, volunteers, committee members, community members, Centre Managers and Councils.

Through their hard work, dedication and initiatives, they enable main streets to thrive on all levels and respond to the constant challenges and opportunities.

We thank the present committee and all past committee members for their commitment and enthusiasm that has driven Heidelberg Central for the past 20 years. It is their drive that makes the changes to the street, addresses our problems and markets to our local community.