Special Charge

Special Charge Information

HEIDELBERG CENTRAL SHOPPING PRECINCT is made up of all businesses within the boundaries of Banksia Street, Lwr Heidelberg Road, Mount Street and Darebin Street, including the tenants of the Warringal Shopping Centre. (over 250 businesses). All businesses are part of the Heidelberg Central Special charge Scheme, levied by the Banyule City Council, but requested by the Traders of Heidelberg to help them market, promote and manage their Shopping Precinct.

  • Heidelberg has a variable charge:
  • Businesses on Burgundy Street pay $551.67 per annum
  • Businesses on upper levels or in side streets pay $275.83 per annum
  • Tenants of Warringal pay $222.79 per annum

Every business operator and owner within these boundaries is elegible to become a member of the Heidelberg Central Traders Association. This Association is responsible for the expenditure of all funds and employment of a part time manager as dictated by the rules of the Special Charge. Banyule City Council have 11 separate mainstreet shopping centres operating under a Special Charge or Rate. All have part time managers and all are accountable to the Economic Development department within Council.

Banyule City Council is also the ONLY Council in Victoria that matches the Special Charge/Rate Schemes $1 for $1, enabling each centre to do upgrade and revitalisation works over and above those provided by Council as standard works.

The Special Charge started in Heidelberg in 1993 for 7 years, was re-introduced in 2000 for another 7 years and in 2007 renewed for another 7 years. Once again the charge has been renewed and will now run for another 7 years until 2021. All funds collected from the Traders and business owners is spent on Marketing, Promotion and Management of the Shopping Precinct.

To date, over 1 million dollars has been spent on Capital Works and infrastructure improvements using funds sourced from our Council, State Government, Federal Government and Special Projects funding. If you have any questions at anytime, please call me (Kim 9458 3112 or mobile: 0408 561093) or speak with one of our committee members. Full list of committee and contacts following this article.

Centre Management Office
G1/40 Burgundy Street
Phone/FAX: 9458 3112
Hours: Monday & Tuesday 9.30am until 5.30pm

Our AGM was held on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at The Gallery, Old England Hotel. Minutes and reports from this meeting are available from Centre Management Office or by calling Kim. We look forward to a very successful year with new ideas for Christmas and social media advertising not to mention the impact of major mixed use developments within our Shopping Precinct.

Local Residents:
Many of the proposals for Heidelberg Central that will be coming up in the New Year will effect our local residents. If at any time residents wish to discuss these proposals - please feel free to contact any one of our committee members (names & numbers following this article) or ring Kim direct.

Some of the proposals:
Upgrade Public Toilet Block DONE
Reduce speed down Burgundy Street to 40kph DONE
Heidelberg Historic Tile Project
Heidelberg Precinct Structure Plan - adopted by Banyule Council in October 2007 DONE
Mixed Use developments - Burgundy Street/Hawdon Street/Cape Street/Mount Street HAPPENING
Residential developments - Cartmell Street HAPPENING
Banyule Activity Centre Car Parking Policy
Development proposals for: old Mobile site, Post Office site, Cape Street site, Railway Station Car Park
and the Cartmell Street Car Park, Bicycles Lanes, rubbish bins, graffit policy etc.